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You can download the final conference programme here.

The theme of APMS 2016 was “Production Management Initiatives for a Sustainable World”.


Knowledge based production management
    Computational Intelligence in Production Management
    Intelligent manufacturing systems
    Knowledge Engineering
    Knowledge-based PLM
    Knowledge-based Production Planning, Scheduling & Control
    Lesson learnt systems
    Modelling of Business and Operational Processes
    Social networks for manufacturing
    Virtual, Digital and Smart factor
Globalization and production management
    Inventory Management in large supply chains
    Large-scale supply chains
    Mass customization
    Simulation of large scale supply chains
    Social and Cultural aspects of global supply chains
Collaborative networks
    Collaborative Tools in Production and Asset Management
    Collaborative Design
    Distributed systems and multi-agent technologies
    ICT for collaborative manufacturing
    Information systems for collaboration
    Innovation and collaborative networks
    Performance measurement and benchmarking
Products and Services Personalisation
    Closed Loop Design and Closed Loop Economy
    Highly customized products and services
    Quality management for personalized products and services
Global Supply Chains
    Agile and Responsive Supply Chains
    Lean Production and Lean Supply chains
    Sustainable Supply Chains
    Flexible Supply Chains and Reactive Production
    Supply Chain Quality Management
    Agrifood Supply Chains
    Global Supply Networks
    Logistics and Information along Global Supply Chains