Program Overview

Program Overview

The program includes presentations and discussions of high-quality peer-reviewed papers, in addition to insightful keynote speeches. A doctoral workshop (26th), special sessions (27th-29th), and industry tour (30th) are included in the conference program.

Keynote speech #1

Title: AI Innovations in Korea Manufacturing
Keynote speaker : Sungzoon Cho (Seoul National University)


Notice for the status of revised papers

Please note that “1st revision is under review” is not available for the current confTool system. If you already submitted your revised paper and the status is shown as “1st revision required”, it means that your paper is currently “under review”. Thank you for your understanding.

Regarding the room availability at Hoam Faculty House

As informed earlier, we have reserved 50 rooms including 6 standard doubles, 24 standard twins, and 20 deluxe doubles under “APMS 2018” for the special conference rate. However, the standard doubles are already sold out as of today but other types are available. Please apply for standard twins or deluxe doubles.

Regarding reservation of Hoam Faculty House

After a full payment on registration for APMS 2018, your room will be reserved on a first-come first-served basis. Please note that registration without a payment will not be subject to our reservation list.


The registration for APMS is now open!
Please register at Please note that you have to login the ConfTool system to register.The paper will be included in the final program if the conference fee is paid by at least one authors from each paper.

Notice for on-site accommodation

Hoam Faculty House in Seoul National University has reserved 50 rooms under “APMS 2018” for the special discount. During the registration, you may have an option to choose this accommodation and find more details. It will be reserved on a first-come first-served basis.

Formats for a camera-ready paper

For submitting a camera-ready paper in July, you have to submit all source files (Microsoft Word, LaTex, figures, and etc) and copyright agreement form. We will announce the formats of these documents in the conference website after completing a revision phase.

Recommendation for paper revision

For uploading a revised paper, authors may include their responses for referees in the revised paper as one file or highlight any modification in the revised paper.