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Special Sessions

Special sessions are organized to raise visibility on topics of focused interest in a particular scientific or applications area. Comprising a number of papers focused on a specific theme, which has been proposed by the Special Sessions chairs, it is a great opportunity to address a topic with the right depth, giving it the proper visibility, and allowing also time for discussion and networking.

So far the following Special Sessions are planned (For additional information click the links below):

WG 5.7 research workshop
Organizer(s): Hermann Lödding, Gregor von Cieminski

Eco-efficiency in manufacturing operations
Organizer(s): Mélanie Despeisse, Peter Lunt

Lean and green manufacturing
Organizer(s): Masuru Nakano, Christoph Roser

Operations management in engineer-to-order manufacturing
Organizer(s): Erlend Alfnes, Martin Rudberg

Production Management in Food Supply Chains
Organizer(s): João Gilberto Mendes

Product and Asset Life Cycle Management in Smart Factories of Industry 4.0
Organizer(s): Irene Roda, Gökan May

Skills and Education for Additive Manufacturing
Organizer(s): Mélanie Despeisse

Intelligent diagnostics and maintanance solutions, a SM & CPPS SIG workshop
Organizer(s): Serm Kulvatunyou, Michael Brundage

Multi-disciplinary collaboration in the developtment of smart product-service solutions, a SM & CPPS SIG workshop
Organizer(s): Stefan Wiesner

Cyber-physical (IIoT) technology deployments in smart manufacturing systems, a SM & CPPS SIG workshop
Organizer(s): Thorsten Wuest

Smart manufacturing system characterization, a SM & CPPS SIG workshop
Organizer(s): Marco Macchi

Sustainable Human Integration in Cyber-Physical Systems: The Operator 4.0, a SM & CPPS SIG workshop
Organizer(s): David Romero, Johan Stahre

Gamification of Complex Systems Design Development: an ELIM SIG workshop
Organizer(s): Nick Szirbik, Riitta Smeds

The submission of special session proposals is closed.