Hoam Faculty House

APMS 2018 provides special discount rates on rooms that we already occupied at Hoam Faculty House located on campus . About 50 rooms (twins or double) have been reserved at the conference rates. Please note that there is a bus stop for Local Bus 2 within walking distances from Hoam Faculty House to reach our conference building. Detailed instructions are provided in "Directions" under "Venue" tap in our website.

To reserve a room at Hoam Faculty House with special discount rates, you must make a reservation when you register for APMS 2018. A reservation option will appear along with the conference registration process, which will be opened in mid June, 2018. Special rates on these rooms are shown as follows: (Additional 10% tax will be added to these rates)

1) Standard Double: 85,500 KRW per night (6 rooms)
2) Standard Twin: 85,500 KRW per night (24 rooms)
3) Deluxe Double: 121,500 KRW per night (20 rooms)

*Buffet Breakfast: 15,000 KRW per person
Please note that smoking is strictly prohibited in all rooms

You can freely choose the specific dates for check-in and check-out from August 25 to August 31, 2018. In addition, your application must be confirmed by us and will be approved on a first-come first-served basis. We will send a confirmation e-mail when you finish registrations. The payment should be directly made to the hotel upon check-in. One night room charge will be imposed if the reservation is cancelled after August 10, 2018.


The following accommodations are highly recommended according to easy access to Seoul Subway Line No. 2, high-quality rooms, and affordable prices. Please note that the APMS 2018 conference center is located nearby the Seoul National University Entrance Station and Nakseongdae Station on Subway Line No. 2(Green Line). However, we do not have special discount rates on their rooms as we do for Hoam Faculty House above. The name of the hotel will link you to its website.

ibis Styles Ambassador

Located between Samseong and Seolleung stations on Subway Line No. 2

Shilla Stay

Located between Yeoksam and Seollung stations on Subway Line No. 2

Mercure Ambassador

Located nearby Yeoksam station on Subway Line No. 2

Provista Hotel

Loacated nearby Seoul National University of Education station on Subway Line No. 2


Located nearby Samseong station on Subway Line No. 2

Recommended hotels are located nearby Seoul Subway Line No. 2 which can directly take you to Seoul Nat’l Univ. or Nakseongdae station as shown in the following map. Please refer to “Directions” under “Venue” tap in our website for more detailed instructions on the way to our conference building from these stations.

Gratitude Message

Dear APMS 2018 participants,

We would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere gratitude to you for your active participation in the conference. Through the valuable presentations and fruitful discussion, we all were able to exchange ideas, concepts, theories, and experiences to pave the way for the future manufacturing, as we have strived to realize the theme of the APMS 2018 conference. As a result, your contributions and dedication brought the great success to our conference.

The number of participants reached 198 consisting of 61 from Korea and 137 from 27 countries. Most presentations have been delivered except 6 due to unexpected absences. 9 Ph.D research proposals were presented at the doctoral workshop. 26 participants attended the research workshop and gave 3 presentations. In addition, 98 participants visited manufacturing plants for Hyundai Mobis and LG Electronics.

Once again, we appreciate your contributions and friendship for APMS 2018 and hope we will meet again in the future APMS conferences.

Ilkyeong Moon, Conference Chair

Gyu M. Lee, Program Co-chair

Jinwoo Park, Honorary Co-chair

Conference proceedings are now available!

The conference proceedings are now available at “PROCEEDINGS” tab. Please note that free-access is activated only if you access the link through the “PROCEEDINGS” page and will be activated for approximately four weeks which starts on Aug. 25 and ends on Sep. 25.