Conference Venue

APMS 2024 will take place in Chemnitz (Germany), European Capital of Culture 2025, being the industrial tour in Zwickau. Chemnitz and Zwickau form the center of West Saxony. Several centuries of history in mechanical engineering characterize the region, which has become the leading European region for the production of battery-electric cars in 2020, while the historical textile industry has shifted its focus to technical textiles and sustainable solutions in cooperation with the lightweight industry.

The conference venue is the Carlowitz Congress Center. It is located a ten minute walk from Chemnitz main train station, which provides easy connections to Berlin, Leipzig or Dresden airport. Hans Carl von Carlowitz was the founder of yield forestry, which made important contributions to  circular economy. The conference is in the city center with several hotels within a five minute walk and plenty of bars, restaurants etc.

Carlowitz Congress Center


Advances in Production Management Systems