During the coffee breaks on Tuesday September 10 and Wednesday September 11, there will be the opportunity to visit different demonstrators. There will also be workshops on both days. These will run simultaneously with the conference at the Carlowitz Congress Center or the Experimental Digital Factory (which is about 25 min away). We are aware that there may be time constraints given the conference schedule. To allow participation for everyone, we will seek to conduct workshops more than once. A detailed schedule together with information how to register will be provided latest in August 2024. Currently, we plan for the following.


Retrofit steam engine

A conventional steam engine was retrofitted using sensors to make it Industry 4.0-ready. This is an example of the topic of digital retrofit, which enables existing machines to be used for longer even in times of Industry 4.0.

©Mittelstand 4.0-Kompetenzzentrum Chemnitz

©Mittelstand-Digital Zentrum Chemnitz

AutoID with AI - intelligently recognize components

Artificial intelligence to support picking processes through camera-based image classification. The demonstrator provides user support through image classification of assemblies to automatically compare the picked components with the order. A single-board computer optimized for the efficient execution of AI algorithms is used. The camera image evaluation and classification of objects in real time reduces the frequency of errors in picking activities. An operator can configure a product in a product configurator. The AI then compares the components captured by the camera with the created order and indicates which component was recognized and whether it belongs to the order. This use case can also be transferred to quality assurance to identify damage or errors.


Model Factory 4.0

Retrofit options for automated existing systems. The demonstrator Model Factory 4.0 shows retrofitting options for automated existing systems. Implemented with Fischer technology, we illustrate all application areas of digitalization, from data collection to data use.


©Isabell Richter

©Isabell Richter

Virtual and augmented reality

Virtual reality or VR offers many new possibilities with which you can improve the presentation of your own products or services. The demonstrator shows the possibilities of virtual and augmented reality and illustrates the concrete benefits for factory planning. A virtual tour of the test environment of the Chair of Factory Planning and Intralogistics with manipulation of objects is possible. Through augmented reality, 3D models of machines are displayed next to “real” miniature models to visually support the layout planning of the systems.


Playing seriously: developing strategic production management perspectives with a serious play approach

Moderators: Ralph Riedel, Luise Weißflog

In a 2hrs-workshop you will get to know Lego® Serious Play® – a method for “facilitated thinking”. Within a group of 8-10 people we will develop a joint vision on how to successfully integrate humans into smart production systems. Lego® Serious Play® supports communication, teamwork and complex problem solving. Experience this unique technique and let your hands do the thinking work. “The answer is in the system” – let’s reveal it!

@ Helge Gerischer

@ Jacob Mueller

From the sensor to the user – How to get information from processes and machines?

Moderators: Frank Börner, Daniel Fischer, Hendrik Unger

In our compact 3-4hrs workshop you will learn how data in production systems can be efficiently prepared, processed, recorded, and visualized all the way from the sensor to the user. In a small group of 8-10 participants, we will dive into the world of open-source software and hardware and use it to develop practical solutions for digital data processing. The workshop combines theory with practical examples from our experimental and digital factory lab (EDF), and teaches skills that you can integrate directly into your work. Learn how to use simple technologies to solve complex problems and how to present data in a visually appealing way.



Advances in Production Management Systems