Program Committee

Program Committee

Bhaskar Bhandarkar
Indian Institution of Industrial Engineering, India

Chen-Fu Chien
National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan

Shuo-Yan Chou
 National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taiwan

Xuehao Feng
 Zhejiang University, China

Chin-Yin Huang
 Tunghai University, Taiwan

Szu-Hao Huang
 National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan

Takashi Irohara
 Sophia University, Japan

Yasutaka Kainuma
 Tokyo Metropolitan University, Japan

Harish Kutemate
Indian Institution of Industrial Engineering, India

Bo Lu
Dalian University, China

Hiroaki Matsukawa
 Keio University, Japan

Koichi Nakade
 Nagoya Institute of Technology, Japan

Izabela Ewa Nielsen
Aalborg University, Denmark

Subrata Saha
 Institute of Engineering & Management, India

Biswajit Sarkar
 Hanyang University, Korea

Hongfeng Wang
 Northeastern University, China

Ruiyou Zhang
 Northeastern University, China

First round review results

We started to notify the first round review results.
Please note that the review results of some papers
(about 15% of papers) will be delayed about one week
due to late reviews.
We will try to disseminate those results as soon as possible.


Submission of revised papers

We are now coordinating the final publication format with Springer, the publisher of the conference proceedings. We expect to activate the upload option for the revision by May 28.