Plenary Sessions

Emerging Challenges and Research Opportunities in Smart Services
Tuesday, September 3, 3:45 to 5:00 PM, Salon J

With a dominant portion of the world economy and employment in the service sector, it is imperative for engineers and managers to use processes and technologies to optimize productivity and quality of services.  Generally, the productivity in service sector lags the manufacturing sector. APMS community can play a central role in improving productivity and quality in service industries by using and adapting techniques that have been successfully used in manufacturing. In this panel we will explore emerging challenges and research opportunities to make services smarter.

Panel Moderator & Session Chair:

  • Vittal Prabhu, Penn State, USA


  • Toshiya Kaihara, Kobe University, Japan (Hospitality & Supply Chains Services)
  • Shamit Patel, Alpha Nodus, USA (IoT Enabled Healthcare Services)
  • Chip White, Georgia Tech, USA (Transportation & Logistics Services)
Towards Smart Production Management Systems: Things, Services and People
Wednesday, September 4, 10:45 -12:15, Salon J

This keynote panel session aims to discuss with the APMS community the current trends and future challenges towards Smart Production Management Systems. The discussion will be around the different production resources that as a whole and individually provide a production system with different “smart” capabilities, including its smart assets, smart products, smart services, and smart operators. Furthermore, the panelists, also co-chairs of some APMS 2019 special sessions, will report on the research contributions of their chaired sessions to the development of methods, tools and practices for the design, engineering and management of smart production systems.

Panel Moderator & Session Chair:

  • Serm Kulvatunyou, National Institute of Standards and Technology, USA


  • Smart Things
    • Smart Assets – Irene Roda, Politecnico Di Milano, Italy <>
    • Smart Products – Thorsten Wuest, West Virginia University, USA <>
      • Special Session Chairs: Product and Asset Life Cycle Management in Smart Factories
    • Smart Services
      • Paolo Gaiardelli, University of Bergamo, Italy <>
        • Special Session Chair: Designing and Delivering Smart Services in The Digital Age
      • Smart People
        • David Romero, Tecnológico de Monterrey, Mexico <>
          • Special Session Chair: The Operator 4.0 and the Internet of Things, Services and People


Advances in Production Management Systems