COVID-19 Test


Q-CODE (Quarantine Information Advance Input System) is a system established by the KDCA (Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency) in order to shorten the time for quarantine inspection and provide the conveniences overseas entrants require upon entry to the Republic of Korea. Every person who plans to enter the Republic of Korea, regardless of their purpose, needs to use Q-CODE.

Q-CODE Official Website:

Q-CODE Guide & Manual:

For the arrivals in South Korea after 00:00 am, September 3rd (Korean Standard Time), passengers do not need to submit a separate COVID-19 test result sheet prior to entry. Passengers will select “Persons entering the country after 00:00 am, September 3rd” when entering their negative test result confirmation information and be exempted from PCR negative test result confirmation.


Foreigners for short-term stay entering via Incheon, Gimhae, and Jeju International Airports are requested to take a PCR test after arrival at the airport’s COVID-19 Test Center to facilitate entry into the Republic of Korea.

Reservation Site of Incheon International Airport’s COVID-19 Test Center:


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