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Travel information of Gyeongju and Pohang are provided below.
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APMS 2022 will be held in Gyeongju, Korea. Gyeongju is the capital of Silla 1,000 years ago and has numerous historical sites. Here, you can explore Wolseong, which served as the royal palace of Silla, Donggung and Wolji, which served as the main living quarters for princes, Daereungwon, a spot for the leisure and recreation of kings, Cheomseongdae, the oldest astronomical observatory in Asia, and Gyelim, Silla’s sacred forest.


Pohang is the city where POSTECH is located and is also the city where POSCO’s headquarters is located. As the largest city in Gyeongsangbuk-do, the food, textile, and metal industries have developed. The natural scenery of the adjacent sea is good. You can enjoy sea bathing while enjoying the sea at Yeongildae, enjoy natural scenery and sunrise at Homigot, and eat fresh seafood at Jukdo Market.


Industry Tour

POSCO is a South Korean steel-making company headquartered in Pohang, South Korea. It had an output of 42,000,000 metric tons of crude steel in 2015, making it the world’s fourth-largest steelmaker by this measure. In 2010, it was the world’s largest steel manufacturing company by market value. Also, in 2012, it was named as the 146th world’s largest corporations by the Fortune Global 500.


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