Programme of APMS 2010

APMS 2010 was an intensive event, with more than 300 attendees. The programe was structured along an entire week. On Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th October the APMS Doctoral Workshop was organised. Then, the APMS International Conference started on Monday 11th till Wednesday 13th October. Finally, on Thursday 14th and on Friday 15 some collateral events were also planned.

The location was the fascinating Grand Hotel di Como in Cernobbio, in front of the Como lake.

The full programme of the Doctoral Workshop and of the Conference, as well as the final version of the conference booklet (with the list of abctracts)  are hereafter attached, as well as the list of special sessions.

You can also download the following keynote presentations:

APMS 2010 was dedicated to Competitive and Sustainable Manufacturing, Products and Services, with the following topics:

  • Sustainable Manufacturing and Operations
    • Industrial Engineering
    • Concurrent and Collaborative Engineering
    • Digital Production and Manufacturing
    • Technology and Innovation Management
    • Production Technology, Systems and Management
    • Sustainable factory planning and scheduling
    • Advanced Manufacturing
    • Lean Production
    • Maintenance and Reliability
    • Global and International Production Networks
    • Green Supply Chain Management
    • Green Manufacturing
    • Production Quality and Standards
    • Energy Efficiency in Manufacturing
    • Resource Efficiency and Sustainability
    • Zero waste production
    • End-of-life Management
    • Reuse, remanufacture, disassembly and recycling approaches and techniques
    • Reverse logistics and product recovery
    • ICT for Manufacturing and Logistics
  • Sustainable Product
    • Multidisciplinary Product Development
    • Hybrid Products
    • Innovation Clusters
    • Virtual Engineering
    • Social LCA, Methods and tools
    • Quantitative Sustainability Assessment
    • Sustainable business models
    • Eco-design and Eco-innovation
    • End-of-life strategies
    • Design for local and global consumers
    • Smart design for sustainability
    • Closed loop design and closed loop economy
    • Design Management
  • Sustainable Services
    • Service Engineering
    • Service Management
    • Integrated product/service policy
    • Business Models for Services
    • Service Strategy
    • Service and Product-Service Systems Engineering
    • Service Innovation
    • Design for Service
    • Service Operations Management
    • Service Chain
    • Product Service Systems in the business-to-business industry or in the business-to-consumer industry
    • Impact of ICT on service design, service processes and management
    • Product-service system simulation
    • Knowledge Management for Service
    • Service LifeCycle Management
    • After-Sales Services
    • Public Sector
    • Professional Services
    • Healthcare Service
  • Environmental and Social Issues
  • KPI for Sustainability


Advances in Production Management Systems